Experience: Double Magazine, Carina Frey & Stefanie Barth, Fantastic Man, BUTT Magazine, Lack Of Guidance

Double Magazine N°44 – Œuvre Sans Titre/Untitled, Creative Direction by Fabrice Paineau, Art Direction by Carina Frey & Stefanie Barth, Photography by Jack Pierson, Senta Simond, Moni Haworth & Rosie Marks, 10-2022, Paris

Fantastic Man N°35 Directed by Luca Guadagnino, Fantastic Man N°36 Menswear Special with Kiko Kostadinov, Photography by Mark Peckmezian, Creative Direction by Jop Van Bennekom, 09-2022, Amsterdam

Website for Lack of Guidance, www.lackofguidance.com, 06-2022, Amsterdam

Credit Design for TOGA AW22, Creative Consultant: Jop van Bennekom, 02-2022, Amsterdam

Website for photographer Jake Ranford, www.jakeranford.com, In collaboration with Arta Samakova, 11-2022, Amsterdam

Visual Identity for ‘Be Right Back (brb)’, Directed and Written by Fabio de Frel, Cinematography by Uri Barcelona, Styling by Oriol Roberto, Hair & Make Up by Catalina Sartor, Steadicam by Sacha Naceri, Production by Artillerie, Executive Producer Philippe Avendaño Vera, Producer Eva Schaaf & Fabio de Frel, Casting by Marta Martin @ Uno Models & Daniel Estepa, Music & Sounddesign by Fabio de Frel & Julio Martin, Styling Assistant: Aina Marcó, Focuspuller by Alicia Galiña Vera, Camera Assistant: Augustin Burgueno, Runner Cast: Jesus Quintana, Color Grading: Erik de Grot, Creative Consultant: Daniël Sumarna, 05-2022, Amsterdam
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